small head screws(GB 21-76)
head bolts(GB 5783-86)
spherical surface and cylinder bolts(GB 66-76)
countersuwk flat head screws(GB 68-76)
cross recessed counter flat head screw(GB 819-76)
head square neck bolts(roughcast)<GB 12-76>
head square neck(GB 794-76)
countersunk screws(GB 869-76)

double head bolts(GB 897-76)
nake hexagon bolts(GB 30-76)
cylincler( GB 65-76)
head square screws(GB 67-76)
cross recesseel semicircular screws(GB 818-76)
semicicular head and tenon screws(GB 13-76)
head square neck bolts( GB 14-76)
flat head rivets (GB 109-76)
semicircular head rivets (GB 867-76)

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